The Highlander’s Outlaw Bride (Highlander's Bride #4)


Brianna Douglas is a feisty, strong-willed woman forced to act as lord for her father, Lord Wyndham, who drowns his sorrows in alcohol. Determined to take care of her home and her brother’s legacy she will stop at nothing to keep her lands safe. Yet the idea of marriage repulses her, even when it is to the very handsome Connor MacLaurey. Her betrothed by a bond from her father, ordered to marry the laird by none other than King Robert, she still chafes at arrangement, yet finds it hard to fight her attraction. 


Readers will love Brianna and her inherent need to battle all that cross her the wrong way. Connor and his cohorts Bray and Gillis are not only honorable, but most delectable male figures that lead many a heart astray. The story as crafted is superb. A fine display of knowledge of the era being displayed rolls deftly across the highlands and the pages. The honorable plot that includes delightful twists and turns, keeps the story speeding along until suddenly it is over, sadly. From escapes from the noose, hiding in the woods, near capture, and facing the King…every moment is masterfully written. Each and every character has a place and a purpose in the love affair of Brianna and Conn, and the adventures and perils they must traverse before becoming man and wife. The fourth in the Highlander’s Brides series, it is most definitely a standalone novel and a great addition to the existing series!


Penelope Anne Bartotto