The Forgotten Fiancée {London Ladies, Book 2}


Lady Dianna Foxcroft and Miles Radnor, Earl of Winfield, have known each other nearly their entire lives - and been betrothed almost that long.  When their wedding day finally arrives, however, Miles is nowhere to be found. Literally abandoned at the altar, Dianna is left to face the scandal alone and broken hearted.  Miles is gone for four long years; and while Dianna wonders what became of him, her tears have turned bitter and she despises him for his betrayal.  Then he has the nerve to appear at her aunt’s wedding, and seeks Dianna out with the intention of starting things up where they left off. Dianna rebuffs him and thinks that is the end of things. Miles shows up again at her bedroom window, begging her to please let him explain. He now knows she’s the only woman for him, but can he convince Dianna that he is the only one for her?

This is a delightful tale in which the jilted bride does not immediately forgive and forget. She doesn’t run back to the groom as he expects (and as is the common formula for such tales). Dianna is strong in her convictions and refuses to be played for a fool. Miles has grown up and matured during his absence, but doesn’t realize until quite some time later that so has Dianna. The only thing that spoils this beautiful tale is the lack of one last edit that would have caught the plethora of missing words that the readers must fill in for themselves. Otherwise this is an enjoyable story that is difficult to put down. 

Belinda Wilson