Prodigal Gun

Kathleen Rice

Jessamine Caine has loved and lost. First her parents, the woman who raised her, the man she loved, the man who saved her, and now possibly the only vestige of the Caine family’s legacy, the Hard Eights Ranch. 

Calhoun was a rough riding gun for hire who had a really big secret. He steered clear of Texas for a reason, but loyalty drew him back - loyalty to the man who had saved his life, Colonel Merrill Boggs. Loyalty has limitations, as do the security of one’s secrets and Calhoun finds himself trapped between a rock and a very soft place. Which one will win out will be determined by the secrets revealed and the bonds of family and loyalty. 

A classic western, "Prodigal Gun" contains every aspect one expects and more. The love story is endearing as it requires a deep bond of trust. The plot is intense and dramatic. The characters are developed well, and believable. The reader will hate some, love some, and be ready to pull the trigger themselves a few times! The only flaw is that the story gets a bit long-winded and bogged down by extra details. Granted, there are a lot of minute details that are very much needed to discover the secrets that bind the Caine family, Calhoun, Boggs, and the persistent lawman. Jessamine is a scrappy woman with a heart of gold. Calhoun and his alter-ego are a romance novel’s dream man. Start to finish this western is one to remember!

Penelope Anne Bartotto