These Ties That Bind: United We Fall (The 3 Sisters Saga: Book 1)


The Beardsley family is one that grows through the era prior to the Great War and into the start of the Roaring Twenties. The focus is not on the family as a whole, but specifically the oldest sister Ruby and the middle daughter Pearl, in the first of the 3 Sisters Saga novels. Ruby is the eldest child, born during a time of affluence for her parents. To say she was spoiled would be a truth; to say she grew out of it would be a lie. What Ruby wanted, Ruby always got. Pearl is a child who is quiet, adorable, and lovable until tragedy strikes the family and a sister is lost. On her seventh birthday Pearl’s life forever changed. Two strong young women, bonded by blood, but separated by age, show that they can come together, yet can also be quite divided. 


An extensive tome that is rather redundant due to repeating the same story from multiple points of view, it is both intriguing and frustrating. The reader must prepare to adjust to a unique style of speech and writing that may not appeal to all, a regional dialect that shifts from setting to setting. The shining star is the in-depth look into family dynamics, particularly those of sisters. The plot is solid and historically correct. The characters are realistic. Yet to better honor the sisters it would have been best to give them each their own novel. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto