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Amelia, called Mia by friends and family, has just turned fifteen and has found out that growing a year older is bringing a lot of changes. The biggest is that she is a witch and has a familiar named Gumshoe.

PARANORMAL: Sydney is looking for a fresh start for her and her daughter and moving to Zen, Ohio, is it! In Zen she can continue building her soap business with her sister, while also working in her field at a local publishing house. What she isn’t expecting is that Zen isn’t your typical small town, in fact, some folks might say the town is downright magical.

Rosalind Chatham is getting married, whether she wants to or not. As Christmas approaches, Rosalind and her family are arriving at the Duke of Westons castle. They are there to celebrate the Christmas holiday and her marriage to the much older Earl of Gloucester.

“The Secret Seven” are at it again, and this time the matchmaking seniors have set their sights on the retirement community’s activity planner, Sophie, and the Fish and Tackle owner, Lucas. What the seniors don’t know is that Sophie and Lucas had already caught each other’s eye. While neither had made a move yet, both are very interested in finding out more.

Dead Girl

PARANORMAL: Ember O’Neill has been bullied her entire life and has only ever wanted to fit in and have friends. She believes this year is going to be different, and decides to dress differently. Ember makes a new friend with the new girl in school, but despite that, the bullying continues.