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Brogan Mackintosh never expected to marry again, despite his promise to his wife that he would not mourn her forever. Even when his sister-in-law wants him to marry a woman claimed to be the “bonniest of lasses,” Brogan cannot bring himself to agree — until he actually meets her. Then he begins to wonder if it is time to start moving on with his life, the way his wife wished. 

Rose (Beach Brides #9)

Tanner and Rose’s love begins thanks to a message in a bottle. Thrown into the sea by Rose, the bottle finds its way to Tanner, who decides to contact the letter’s mysterious author. After a series of emails, Tanner travels to Oregon to meet Rose. A whirlwind romance has them falling in love and ignoring the thought of Tanner’s inevitable return home.

EPIC FANTASY:  In a land where magic is banned and wielding it means death lives a woman named Gilly, who lives on the outskirts of society and secretly watches her younger sister grow up. Anna, Gilly's sister, has no knowledge of their connection and believes Gilly a stranger.

Her Humble Admirer
Lucy M.

Livia Hightower receives a swoon-worthy letter in the morning post, signed "Your Humble Admirer".  From the moment she reads the first letter, she is convinced her admirer is none other than Mr. Henry Framingham. She quickly divulges her suspicions to her closest friend Georgina and her childhood friend James.

Detective Finn O’Brien follows his own code of ethics when it comes to police work.  When a young woman hurls herself off a bridge and into Los Angeles traffic, all his instincts tell him that it is not an open and shut case.  His partner, Cori Anderson, agrees and together they persuade their commanding officer to let them see what they can come up with.