Foreign Relations: A Finn O'Brien Thriller (Finn O'Brien Thriller Series Book 2)



Detective Finn O’Brien follows his own code of ethics when it comes to police work.  When a young woman hurls herself off a bridge and into Los Angeles traffic, all his instincts tell him that it is not an open and shut case.  His partner, Cori Anderson, agrees and together they persuade their commanding officer to let them see what they can come up with. Their investigation takes them on a journey from the streets of Los Angeles to the third world.  O’Brien and Anderson struggle to solve the mystery of a young woman’s death and hold on to their values in a surreal world composed of the super-rich and the devastatingly poor.

This expertly crafted mystery is a thrill ride from beginning to end!  Ms. Forster has used her excellent writing skills to create a story that keeps the reader guessing from the first to the last page.  O’Brien and Anderson are gritty characters who are so interesting and complex that the reader would like to get to know them better over a beer.  The supporting cast of characters is equally compelling, each with their own story.  Ms. Forster uses a gritty narrative style to create a tense tale, which must be read until the last page. “Foreign Relations” is a thriller in every sense.  The care that went into its well-crafted characters and story are the result of both talent and hard work by Ms. Forster.  Well done!  

Gwenellen Tarbet