Brogan’s Promise (Book Three of the Mackintoshes & McLarens)


Brogan Mackintosh never expected to marry again, despite his promise to his wife that he would not mourn her forever. Even when his sister-in-law wants him to marry a woman claimed to be the “bonniest of lasses,” Brogan cannot bring himself to agree — until he actually meets her. Then he begins to wonder if it is time to start moving on with his life, the way his wife wished. 

Mairghread Mactavish is red tresses, emerald eyes, and lush lips. She would drive most men crazy, but her husband and son, the only men she has ever wanted, are dead. Several years ago Mairghread was nearly killed in an attack on her home; she awoke to find that her husband and son had not survived. In her grief, Mairghread turned to alcohol and without even realizing it, has become a drunkard. Now the question is this: will her new husband help her or leave her to face her own demons?

Beautiful dialogue, an enticing mystery, and wonderful characters are three ways one can praise this novel. The author takes the reader back to 14th century Scotland with her decision to use old-Scottish slang and phonetics. This makes the world and characters seem more realistic, to the point the reader will hear the Scottish accent in their head. Additionally, the supporting characters adds a lot of wit and humor to the story. However, the author does a lot of head hopping and telling vs. showing, with statements over explained or redundant. Overall, "Brogan's Promise" is still a great read with drama, mystery, and, of course, romance.

Jacey Lee