Rose (Beach Brides #9)


Tanner and Rose’s love begins thanks to a message in a bottle. Thrown into the sea by Rose, the bottle finds its way to Tanner, who decides to contact the letter’s mysterious author. After a series of emails, Tanner travels to Oregon to meet Rose. A whirlwind romance has them falling in love and ignoring the thought of Tanner’s inevitable return home. Despite their strong connection, however, Tanner has a secret he is keeping from Rose — a secret he fears will change their entire relationship. Can he learn to trust Rose enough to tell her the truth, or will their love be lost like a bottle in the ocean? 

This story gives readers a unique spin on a classic romance, with main characters drawn together under mysterious circumstances. In any other situation, these two might never have met, so pulling together these very different characters creates an interesting read and makes one keep wondering how they will work together. While this forms an intriguing book, it also sets forth some problems. "Rose" is rather short, which speeds up Rose and Tanner’s relationship so much it does not always feel real or organic, and as a result, the ending doesn't ring true. The fast pace of the book does not allow their relationship to build, and will leave readers wanting more. Despite this, in such a limited number of pages, the book does an excellent job of creating distinct interesting characters readers can form strong attachments to. 

Hannah Hurdle