Her Humble Admirer

Lucy M.

Livia Hightower receives a swoon-worthy letter in the morning post, signed "Your Humble Admirer".  From the moment she reads the first letter, she is convinced her admirer is none other than Mr. Henry Framingham. She quickly divulges her suspicions to her closest friend Georgina and her childhood friend James. Her joy at having a secret admirer is short lived though, as James distances himself from her. Now with only one friend by her side to assist her, Liva proceeds on her quest for love. As she gets more letters and spends even more time with Henry, her affection for him grows, but when her father brings up the name of someone from her past, another begins to sneak his way into her heart. Now she must not only figure out the author of the letters but also which man owns her heart. 

Readers will not be able to put this story down as they try to unravel the mystery of “Her Humble Admirer”. In this beautiful romance, readers are pulled into a messy love triangle as love and friendship is tried and tested. Reading the story makes one feel as if one has stepped into a Jane Austen novel. While the reader can always clearly tell where the characters are in time and place, the story lacks visual imagery and leaves much of that to the reader's imaginations. Despite the lack of detail, the main character is easy to connect with and makes the reader feel as if they are experiencing this love dilemma right along with her.

Hannah Hurdle