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Dr. Dot Meyerhoff works a difficult job, made even more so by the overlying mistrust some in law enforcement have for psychologists. She is dedicated to her job and the officers she works with, and takes affront when Officer Manny Ochoa is announced as head of the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force.

Felicity’s Power
J. Arlene Culiner,
Jill Culiner

CONTEMPORARY:  Felicity and Marek meet and fall in love in California during the 1970’s.  It was a wild time and a wild courtship, true hippies living out the freest times of their lives.  However, their lives were on different paths and each went their separate ways.  They each married, and eventually divorced, but their paths cross again 43 years later.  Now they live polar opposite lives tha

Storm of Arranon: Volume 1
R.E. Sheahan,
Erin Mallon

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY/SCI-FI:  The people of Arranon and Korin have been fed lies — told that if their people have mixed-breed babies, they would be born with oddities.  This is true to some extent, it is just that the oddities are super powers, and Erynn Yager has them.  She has been kept safe her entire life, her parentage kept secret and now that she is grown, she must hone and use her powers

HISTORICAL:  During one of Reed’s “Demon Thief” raids on his father, King Edward of England, things go south and he has to take a hostage — his childhood sweetheart, Maggie, now betrothed to a baron.

Ben Steiner is a young Jewish man, attending Columbus University in New York City during the 70s.  Still wet behind the ears, he feels unsettled with life. If he could just land a girl, he thinks, that will solve all of his problems!  This theory seems to prove true when he meets young Rebecca Glaser at a party and they become involved. Unfortunately, he also meets the mysterious P.T.