Storm of Arranon: Volume 1

R.E. Sheahan,
Erin Mallon

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY/SCI-FI:  The people of Arranon and Korin have been fed lies — told that if their people have mixed-breed babies, they would be born with oddities.  This is true to some extent, it is just that the oddities are super powers, and Erynn Yager has them.  She has been kept safe her entire life, her parentage kept secret and now that she is grown, she must hone and use her powers to save both worlds from utter destruction.

Upon the first bit, the listener will be convinced this is a science fiction audiobook; after the next few minutes, it’s most definitely fantasy, and by the end it’s proven to be a trio of sci-fi, paranormal and fantasy.  R.E. Sheehan has created a universe that is so crazy and unconventional one wonders how many things can be put into a book before it is muddled.  It’s action packed and so descriptive that the listener’s mind is constantly on alert, however it does seem that there are some pacing issues.  Some scenes that end up having little importance carry on and others that have weight are rushed.  The devil is in the details and keeping an open and active mind is a must with this one.  It should be noted that this book ends on a cliffhanger.

The narration on this audio is pure perfection.  Erin Mallon gives life to the main character that is exactly how she would sound in your head.  The tone and inflections of not only the main character, but of all the characters, stands out so much that the listener will have an added disappointment when this book ends.  It is a truly professional recording with no outside noises. 

Misty Walker