Felicity’s Power

J. Arlene Culiner,
Jill Culiner

CONTEMPORARY:  Felicity and Marek meet and fall in love in California during the 1970’s.  It was a wild time and a wild courtship, true hippies living out the freest times of their lives.  However, their lives were on different paths and each went their separate ways.  They each married, and eventually divorced, but their paths cross again 43 years later.  Now they live polar opposite lives that will require a lot of bending on both sides if they want to be together.  Will their journey take them to a life together, or apart? 

This story is told through a series of flashbacks, and the listener learns of Marek and Felicity’s love story while also catching up on their current life status.  J. Arlene Culiner wrote of the seventies so vividly, one could feel the flower power and hear the music.  However, listeners might have a hard time connecting with the characters because the flashbacks are so frequent and thus will spend too much time flipping back and forth.  There are so many settings in the book, with the scenery of each vividly painted. Listeners will even be treated to some steamy love between the characters, both in past and present.

Jill Culiner does the narration, which is more storytelling than true narrating.  While the dialogue is acted out, it still would fit more under someone telling a story than a professional narration.  There is no accounting for age, gender, or even different characters — definitely more like sitting down with a cup of coffee while a friend tells how they met their husband.

Misty Walker