Reckless Highlander (Legendary Bastards of the Crown- #3)

Elizabeth Rose,
Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL:  During one of Reed’s “Demon Thief” raids on his father, King Edward of England, things go south and he has to take a hostage — his childhood sweetheart, Maggie, now betrothed to a baron. Reed takes Maggie and her brother back to Scotland with him so this marriage will not occur.  When they arrive, however, Reed’s foster father convinces him to take Maggie back to England, and settle things with his father and brothers.  Will the family dispute die once and for all, or will anger and betrayal ruin their chances for love? 

"Reckless Highlander" is fast paced and has a lot going on.  Although it is a stand-alone, a listener would benefit from hearing the books of the first two brothers.  Elizabeth Rose has written a very alpha, very hardheaded character with Reed and he makes every situation a very tricky one, which also means a lot of fun for the listener.  Add in the historical details and the vividly painted scenery of England and Scotland, and this book will have the listener eating out of its hand.

The narration couldn’t be more perfect.  There is a Scottish, English and what could be anything in between, for when there is no character speaking.  That is exactly what Brian J. Gill provides.  The beauty of an audiobook is hearing the words come alive and Brian did that with this historical book.  His pacing is great and there are no outside noises. 

Misty Walker