The Fifth Reflection: A Dot Meyerhoff Mystery


Dr. Dot Meyerhoff works a difficult job, made even more so by the overlying mistrust some in law enforcement have for psychologists. She is dedicated to her job and the officers she works with, and takes affront when Officer Manny Ochoa is announced as head of the Internet Crimes against Children Task Force. Normally a psychological assessment would be performed prior to an officer assuming such a dangerous position. She is angry with Police Chief Pence and seeks to keep tabs on Manny’s state of mind, while also working to solve the disappearance of a child in their own community. Add to the mix Dot's battle with her own demons and struggle to maintain her personal relationship – her plate doth overflow. 

“The Fifth Reflection” is a mystery that will wrench the heart of any parent or grandparent. With her story dancing on the edge of the child pornography industry, author Ellen Kirschman delivers a child abduction mystery with finesse. Her knowledge of criminology and psychology drives the story from start to finish. Dot is a complex woman, sometimes overly so, which drags the story off track at moments. The supporting characters are emotionally flat and it is difficult to connect to them. With a propensity towards predictability, some plot points are lackluster, detracting from the overall storyline. Nevertheless, the tale delivers an entertaining whodunit and keeps Dr. Dot Meyerhoff on the case, beginning to end. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto