Recent Reviews

Better to Have Loved

Julie Jensen has flown to England in 1967 regardless of her family's concerns or the humdrum weather.

For the last fifty years of her life Dark Angel Jaime Conner has been hunting demons in her sleep.

TIME TRAVEL:  When twenty year old Edinburgh transplant Elise Sutherland arrives to study at the Fine Arts School of Paris in 1975 she quickly becomes enamored with her new life in France.

Bitch Witch

Sarah Elizabeth Archer was born a witch, and her soul has been promised to the dark forces that have given all the women in her family immeasurable power. However, that power comes with a cost.

Beneath the Surface

Returning home from a foreign country to find your apartment jacked up is never a good sign, although having first-hand knowledge of shady government dealings might have a little something to do with that