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The Girl on the Beach
Morton S

Ellie Gordon leaves her troubled past behind and starts a new life with her son in Borteen, convinced that it is the perfect place to keep them safe.

Chloe Green has her career and life all mapped out and will not veer from her purpose. However, her plan encounters a major obstacle when Paynter enters her life, causing complications and disorder. Not only is he the sexiest man she’s ever encountered, but he is also her next-door neighbor, and happens to be living in the home of her dreams.

The Fountain of Youth has had people searching for centuries for its healing waters that grant eternal life.

Newlyweds Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton decide that a second honeymoon is in order.

Layla eyes Damian across the room at a party and her friend Christina encourages her to speak to him. They hit it off immediately and have great chemistry. They see each other in secret for a short time - Layla is falling in love but not sure how to deal with it - and then he's gone. Damian and his abrupt departure without a word was devastating and took Layla some time to get over.