Forever More: A Love Story from the Edge of Eternity


INSPIRATIONAL:  Rebecca St. Claire is leaving her cheating husband Michael to visit Lily Dale, the community where she grew up. Both her mother and grandmother have passed away, but Rebecca plans to stay with their old friend Maeve, who still lives there. Maeve O’Toole is a member of the spiritualist religion, as are all the residents of Lily Dale. Rebecca has never been a believer and takes an “Introduction to Mediumship course”. A spirit named Sebastian appears to Rebecca and insists she do a reading. Soon she and her classmate Albert are having visitations from Sebastian quite often. He has unfinished business and needs the friends help. Despite being from two different worlds, Rebecca and Sebastian quickly fall in love. He assures her there is no death — just a new kind of life. He proves it by taking Rebecca and her friends Maeve and Albert to Heaven to see for themselves.

“Forever More” is a surreal account of what could possibly come after death. Major characters have depth and are very distinct from one another, described so well that one can easily imagine them in the mind’s eye. Minor characters such as Beth and Anne are well drawn, complete with appropriate emotions. However, the story itself is lost in the overly detailed description of their journey through heaven. The other out-lying people are just there as window-dressing and have no distinction, depth, or description. This heartfelt novel ponders the afterlife, and the thin line between the living and the dead.

Belinda Wilson