Sage It Out


MYSTERY:  Rose Devlin is walking her cat when she witnesses a skunk snatching. That's right — a skunk snatching. Not only that, she is  literally  bowled over by Detective Nathan Bryant as he gives chase to the thief. After making her way back home, Rose’s best friend and business partner, Sage Tanton, sees Rose’s aura and knows something has happened. Sage has visions but never knows whether they are about the past, present or future. After he sees the bloody handkerchief Nathan used to care for Rose, Sage has a vision of a man holding a knife to a little girl’s throat. Rose and Sage vow to save the girl, despite Nathan’s and his partner’s warnings to steer clear.

“Sage It Out” is a sweet cozy mystery that will give the reader a warm feeling upon finishing. A short, quick read that can be partaken in a single afternoon, Author Shereen Vedam gives a comedic feel to the entire piece, and will leave readers laughing over her characters' antics. Officer Tom Frost is a major character, but tends to fall flat in his role and is overshadowed by everyone else. Rose has the constant angst of wanting Nathan, but knowing Sage may have disconcerting visions if he is around. Some coincidences are hard to believe but this reviewer won’t give away any spoilers. Get ready for tears of laughter while reading this gem of a find.

Belinda Wilson