Crazy for You (Crush on You Book 3)


Charlotte Jones and professional baseball player Jake Ross meet when they volunteer for the same organization. Jake is focused on securing a multi-million dollar sponsorship deal that is on the verge of falling apart due to his bad boy reputation. Charlotte has a secret crush on Jake, and is mortified when she collapses in front of him and he takes her to the hospital. To make matters even more complicated, Jake's agent hears a rumor that he is at the hospital with a pregnant girlfriend!  Jake sets her straight about Charlotte’s good morals, but Gina contrives a plan to seal the sponsorship deal — Charlotte will act as his girlfriend until the deal goes through. Once that is done, he will dump her. However, someone does not want them together and will stop at nothing to tear them apart.

“Crazy for You” is a sweet novel with a large cast of friends to fill the pages. Well described, diverse and distinct, the characters are easy to get to know. The deception about Charlotte being Jake’s girlfriend is funny until they start falling for one another, then it’s hilarious! Unfortunately, the reader will (unintentionally) solve the mystery of the stalker's identity too early and easily. The storyline is not the most original — ball player falls for the girl who is not his usual type —but the author makes this formula work well. The characters, including Jake, display a whole myriad of emotions throughout the work. “Crazy for You” is the third book in the Crush on You series, and if this novel is an indicator, it is well worth it to read the previous two books.

Belinda Wilson