The Dragon’s Sacrifice (A Breath of Fyre Novel)


FANTASY:  Ciandra, the beautiful daughter of the Chief of the village, is out gathering fruit when she falls into the icy water. She awakens to find herself nestled beside a great dragon, his heat warming her elven body. After failing to convince her father that the dragon saved her and is no danger to them, she escapes the protection of her guard to return to it. Guards are sent to return Ciandra and destroy the dragon.  How can she return to her village after Trinigon FyreBreath, the Great Red Dragon, has saved her life — and captured her heart?

“The Dragon’s Sacrifice” is a beautifully written love story between Ciandra and Trinigon, the dragon. The world building is striking, and it is easy to see the village built among the trees. Trinigon is described in exquisite detail in both of his incarnations. It is difficult to keep track of all the many characters in this piece, and the story drags at times so it is hard to keep focus. There are a few very graphically described topics in this piece – battle, shunning, and even being burned alive, that may disturb some readers. The opening was a brilliant way to introduce Ciandra to the dragon, who had been stalking her for some time. For those who want to try something different, this is the book!

Belinda Wilson