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Where does one turn for help when they need a fiancé pronto? Emma Davis has received a legal summons to return to her hometown of Plattsmouth, to face a lawsuit against Lucy’s Place, the restaurant bakery she inherited from her grandmother.

Cookie Heaven has a cookie thief! Someone with a fondness for snowdrops, snickerdoodles, and macaroons has been visiting at night. When store owner Annie Barkley confronts the brown-haired boy who has been burgling her cookies, she can’t believe her eyes. The boy looks just as she would imagine her son Jonah would look, if he had lived.

Live in the past or build a new future? Over eight hundred years since a cataclysmic event decimated the world’s population and left much of it uninhabitable, many positions of authority are held by people who have developed powerful inherited mutations. These are the Gen-Heirs.

Terin Campbell has been living in fear for the past four years--since she married Goron; however, he doesn’t want her as a wife. Preferring his mistresses, the marriage is never consummated. After his death, her mother-in-law plans to poison her, and ends up ingesting her own poison.

Cutter Forsyth spent the past ten years traveling the world and creating expensive art from recycled parts. He was labeled a troublemaker as a youth growing up in Flowery Springs, Georgia, and judged harshly. Simply put, his parents didn’t know how to parent him. His family has material wealth, and their business employs much of the town. Sadly, they are impoverished in matters of the heart.