Courting Mr. Cutthroat (Campy Romances Series Book 3)


Cutter Forsyth spent the past ten years traveling the world and creating expensive art from recycled parts. He was labeled a troublemaker as a youth growing up in Flowery Springs, Georgia, and judged harshly. Simply put, his parents didn’t know how to parent him. His family has material wealth, and their business employs much of the town. Sadly, they are impoverished in matters of the heart. Cutter and his two brothers were raised by caregivers; Cutter’s caregiver was Birdie, and he adores her. Gemma Summerhill has been happy in Georgia. This is her home, and she doesn’t want to leave. Gemma crushed on Cutter for years, and gave him her virginity right before he left for good. She sees that pivotal event in a positive light, while he feels shame and guilt for leaving her so abruptly, and believes she hates him, but he has never forgotten her.

What an entertaining and even enlightening story. The pace is slow for the first part of this book, but it picks up toward the end. The tension waxes and wanes as well, depending upon what is occurring at the time. Cutter has demons to subdue, and Ms. Camp does a great job of portraying these struggles. His self-esteem is established when he is young, and he spends most of the book fighting the idea that his future can be different moving forward. Gemma has her own challenges, but she is portrayed as a much stronger character with a firmer foundation. The learning disability of ADHD is brought up in the story as well, and discussed respectfully within the storyline. Although Cutter seems like a terrible person initially, the reader is able to watch him change and find a redemption that is oh, so sweet!

Carey Sullivan