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Out of the Gold

Charles ‘Chase’ Wright is filming a super-hero movie in Italy, and Melody Hunte (daughter of famous musician Braxton Hunte) has to spend 2 hours every morning sewing him into his costume. They grew up near each other in Chicago, but didn’t know each other, although his little sister was mean and bullied Melody and her best friend in school.

Always the Bluestocking
Emily EK

Mariah Wynn and Patrick O’Leary, Viscount Donal, encounter each other at the wedding of her brother. Mariah is a strong and intelligent female who wants more out of life than sewing and shopping for dresses and ribbons. She has a hunger for an education and a mind that can handle the rigor, but Oxford is only available to wealthy men.

During 1490, Seonag Ruane discovers that her father is dead, supposedly due to a French attack. This story doesn’t ring true, as none of the other crew members are injured, so Seonag spends her time planning her revenge on the man she believes is responsible. She dresses like a boy to join a crew of pirates who also want revenge on the traitors.

Fraser MacGregor has just become the thirteenth Duke Molineux as the story opens in 1819. Delilah (Lilah) Hart is raising awareness about the challenges faced by people living at the whim of the aristocracy through writing a series of articles titled “Essays on Patriarchy”. She has also been caring for the birds in the aviary of the abandoned home of the Duke for the past four years.

The Reiver’s Cub

As Aleck Maxwell storms the castle, Bess promises her cousin Mary that she will never allow him to see his newborn son. Bess disappears with the child, Dexter, winding up at a school for training boys in the art of fighting, run by Callum MacFee and Bess. Ten year old Dexter, whose parents never wed is an outcast, and “bastard” is often on the lips of his classmates.