Levkaseon (Gen-Heirs: The Guardians of Sziveria #0.5)


Live in the past or build a new future? Over eight hundred years since a cataclysmic event decimated the world’s population and left much of it uninhabitable, many positions of authority are held by people who have developed powerful inherited mutations. These are the Gen-Heirs. Young Ciarra Jonatis has inherited her father’s title as Shield Guardianess Levkaseon, the head of Haven City Health Services. She has been noticing some unusual cases of Human Rabies Syndrome recently. Ciarra needs the help of a Gen-Heir MedPath, medical empathic pathologist, to figure out whether another extinction level epidemic is about to unfold. The only one available is Terran Kaine, her ex-husband, who was sent to jail under dubious accusations five years ago.

Ciarra and Terran reunite to solve a deadly medical mystery. With thousands of lives at stake, they must brave past betrayals and current conspiracy to find out how the newest outbreaks of HRS are occurring. But even as the danger grows, Ciarra and Terran find their love reignited. This time Ciarra pledges to stand by her man, no matter what or who tries to get in the way. Sarah Westill vividly imagines a dystopian future that holds promise and passion. She has created a fascinating Sziveria society, falling back on ancient hierarchal customs and a blending of genetics and merit. The mutual longings of the main couple are beautifully woven together, while an old enemy tries to unravel them once more. Ms. Westill’s narrative embodies both elegance and complexity, easy to read but requiring focus to follow. Predictably, this prequel novel will leave some loose ends that will make the reader wish for more.

Joan Lai