The Highlander’s Promise


Terin Campbell has been living in fear for the past four years--since she married Goron; however, he doesn’t want her as a wife. Preferring his mistresses, the marriage is never consummated. After his death, her mother-in-law plans to poison her, and ends up ingesting her own poison. For the first time in four years, Terin feels free to leave the stronghold, disguised as a boy, and travel to her aunt’s home, located on Chattan land. Along the way, Jasper Chattan and his group of Retainers stop at an inn where Terin has also stopped. He sees through her disguise and is drawn to her courage, after Terin defends his sister. He ends up bringing her back to his home--Larks Point Tower in Scotland--without disclosing that he is aware of her disguise. As the third son, he has had to earn his own place in the world, which is as the Chief at Larks Point.

There are some original and unique parts of this story that add depth and interest to its entirety. The strength of Terin’s aunt and her saga add an encouraging twist to what could be an average tale; instead, her portrayal elevates the story immeasurably. Additionally, these protagonists have each persevered through multiple challenges, and the author does a commendable job of conveying their inner strength. The story arc is mostly believable; the main challenge is accepting that Goron left his wife a virgin after four years of marriage. Nevertheless, Ms. Wine does a credible job of contrasting the toxic atmosphere of her former home with the joy and camaraderie of her new home in this delightfully original setting. 

Carey Sullivan