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Renae Marie

WESTERN:  Tanner Sheridan is the fastest rider for the Pony Express, but when a delivery goes bad and almost costs him his life, he is discharged. With the help of a preacher he is brought back to health.

Power to Love
J. Margot

Karen Gallagher is a dedicated environmental lawyer and has never lost a case for her law firm. Even so, she has just been overlooked for a promotion and to add insult to injury, her biggest rival in the court room has just been made partner.

Isobel (Dark Warrior Alliance #6)
Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Elsie is on top of the world. Queen of the Vampires and mated to Zander, the Vampire King, they are expecting their first child.


“Banished” is set in England’s 11th Century, at the court of England’s only Viking king, Canute.  Audra Fingalsdatter and Sigmar Alvarsen were childhood friends who were separated by a blood feud between their families that caused both families' banishment.  Audra and her father Fingal fled to Kievan Rus, where she trained as an elite warrior.  Sigmar and his father ended up serving Canute in h

WESTERN:  Tessa McGuire is trying to outrun her past. When her running takes her to the small Montana town of Clifton, it puts her directly in the path of hunky Sheriff Sam Garrett.  Immediate and frighteningly powerful chemistry sparks between the two, but Tessa feigns dislike for the cocksure lawman. She fears the secrets she hides will inevitably ruin any relationship between them.