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Sheryl Ilene Newcomb (or S.I.N., as she likes to point out) is being hunted. Born to take on a battle that has been waged for centuries, Sheryl had originally forgotten her first experiences with the mythical creature that stalked her and her family. As corpses turn up, Sheryl must learn the truth.

Endless Love

Life has not turned out the way Rose Loxton had hoped. At forty, she expected to have a prestigious position at a university doing scientific research and maybe having made some great discovery.

Roots Entwine

FANTASY:  Joaquin does not know much about the world beyond the forest surrounding his home. Kept as a secret by his family because of his strange hair and eyes, Joaquin is surprised when a stranger in town takes an interest in him and his gift.

If Only

Demi Glenn has been having premonitions concerning her oldest daughter. The problem is that Demi gave up her firstborn for adoption while she was in high school. Unable to track Renee on her own, and after two other detectives fail to find her, Demi turns to her last resort: Renee’s father, Demi’s high school sweetheart.

Kendra Murdoch is in trouble. Left to raise her nephew and two nieces after her sister is murdered by her husband, Kendra must protect the children from their father and run a café in Radford Crossing to support her family.