The Dark Summoner (Relic Keeper #1)


Abby Davenport has a secret, one she has diligently worked to forget - but it is coming back despite her strongest efforts. While at her best friend’s birthday party everything in Abby’s world comes crashing down as two worlds collide and violence is manifest.  Thrown into a fight she never wanted, she learns she is the one who holds the power to stop evil and keep the world from utter destruction - but, she has no idea how.  Split between two men, Dorian, who saves her but who leaves her to Kieron, the dangerous player who has little use for her and even less for her claim, Abby must learn fast who is friend and who is foe - or die trying, along with the rest of the world.


What a GREAT first book!!  This story has one biting their nails and sitting on the edge of their seat while eagerly turning every single page!  Abby is a likable and believable character and the two men dumped into her life are equally swoon-worthy and sexy but in completely different ways.  One never can decide which to choose!  The biggest downfall of the book is the abrupt, total cliffhanger ending.  Nothing at all is resolved and everything is left in questions unanswered.  Also, because the book is written in first person, the lack of insight into Kieran is very frustrating.   Some outward clues into his true feelings needed to be given, especially since nothing is resolved for the reader in the end.    Still, the emotion is exceptional and the tension palpable.  Highly recommended... just wait until the second book comes out before starting!


Ruth Lynn Ritter