Rookie Justice


Deputy Cody Wills loves the small Texas town he grew up in and he plans to see it stays that way.  Problem is, the crime rate is increasing at an alarming rate. When Cody learns he will be saddled with a brand new recruit he is not happy, especially when he discovers his partner is a girl!


Charlie Booker may be new to police work but she has experience few could argue.  After serving three terms as a combat sniper in Iraq, she’s ready to settle down and protect on a different level. Charlie is also determined to prove her worth despite the prejudice and bigotry she faces.  That is, if she can keep her gorgeous partner out of her mind as the danger and their feelings heat up!


 Ms. Scott does an admirable job portraying the challenges women face working in a “man’s occupation.” She also tackles the problem of high school bullying, with surprising depth. However, one is never allowed to experience the actual interactions between Charlie and Cody. For instance, “He preferred the softer side...the Charlie who laughed at his corny jokes and curled into him at night...”  Not once is the reader allowed to see any of those things! Even the fact that they had sex the first time was a surprise.  There was nothing at ALL to suggest they were going to, merely a statement after the fact.   This leaves the book a sum total of events taking place rather than being actually experienced.  Still, for those who like a good suspenseful mystery, this one fills the bill.


Ruth Lynn Ritter