The Order of the Curse-Bound Knights: The Fateful Vampire Series Book 4

Cheri A.

Sir Maximilian is a knight on his death bed, but somewhere in the recesses of his mind he hears voices - voices that ask him if he wants to live. Choosing life over death, Sir Max wakes to find that he is now a vampire. He is now beholden to the Order of the Curse-Bound Knights. A curse? He likes being a vampire with new found abilities. The man who changed him has given him the task of protecting his mortal daughter. That should be an easy task…..


Nadia lives in a world of vampires, but she is unaware of that fact. She goes about her days with her head buried in tales of Robin Hood and doesn’t understand why she is sent to her bedroom at night. A very handsome knight is now in charge of her protection, one she can’t seem to stop thinking about. Will Max be able to protect this beautiful, rebellious woman? Will Max be the one to win her heart?


“Order” is book four in the Fateful Vampire series, and does well standing on its own. A unique take on vampires, each character is happy to be one, and doesn’t find it much of a curse. Where this book has the biggest problem is with transitions, especially the last two-thirds of the book. One moment Nadia is in the forest, and the next paragraph she is being attacked while at home. In the last few chapters, time has warped hundreds of years, with no explanations or story to fill one in. With a little revision, this would be a much higher-rated story!


Lynne Bryant