Cupid’s Angels


COMEDY:  Ellie Childs isn’t looking for love. Her husband’s death two years ago has left an aching hole that may never be filled.  Luckily she has her sweet daughter and a job as director of a senior citizens' center that she loves to keep her busy.  When the center’s air conditioning takes a dive and the hunky stranger comes to fix it, however, Elle’s butterfly-filled stomach suddenly reminds her just how lonely she really is.

After a terrible break-up, David White decided to move closer to his beloved grandmother and start his life over.  But, when grandma sees the sparks flying between her grandson and Ellie and gathers her friends at the center to coordinate a love intervention, things quickly go crazy!  Can David and Ellie find love amidst heartache, misunderstandings and a passel of old cupids?

This is a very sweet story laced with humor and crazy small town characters!  The setting of a senior citizen center is delightfully unique and the elderly hijinks will keep readers entertained throughout. The storyline, while cute, didn’t really have too much happening past the day-to-day activities of life, however, making it rather slow reading at times.  Ellie and David never spent enough time together on the page to warrant their sudden declaration and quick resolution.  Their actions with the other people they were dating didn’t make sense, either.  David is totally turned off by Ramona but asks her out repeatedly anyway?  The same with Ellie and David.  Still, this is a very promising start for an author to watch!


Ruth Lynn Ritter