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Kait is engaged to be married, but both she and her ranch are struggling financially. She decides that going to Vegas and the National Finals Rodeo is just the ticket. If she can final, and win some of the prize money, it will help her with all the repairs needed on her ranch. 

PARANORMAL:  Armond Costa is thirteen, and in no way an ordinary boy. Oh, but how he wished he was one! If he was, maybe his uncle, aunt and parents wouldn’t hate him.

DYSTOPIAN:  After working for it her whole life, Treena is finally ready for Rating Day. Nervous, of course, but who wouldn’t be when receiving a number that will define the rest of their life?

Farryn’s War

SCI-FI:  Far in the future…Farryn is one of the Tolari, an empathic and somewhat reclusive people. Haunted by his failure to become the planet leader and by his wife’s betrayal, he leaves Tolari and goes to live among humans. He’s guided by ambition and very determined to put the past behind him. And it even works, until his former beloved Sharana and the Earth Security Council find him.

As Jericho Falls
Karen C.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Fifteen-year-old Lauren lives in the mountain town of Jericho Falls, just about the most boring place on earth. Lauren doesn’t go to school. She spends all her time helping her parents.