Deception at Castle Rock (Amelia Grace #2)

Anne Marie

Amelia and her best friend Kat own and run an unusual concert venue called Castle Rock. After a hard year that included mayhem and death, things are finally on even footing, with Amelia happily in a relationship with her FBI savior and Kat nearly back to normal. Until Royal Flush decides to come home after a decade away to play at Castle Rock. When they left for LA, they not only left close college friends, they left band members and love. Amelia wanted to finish school; the drummer, Mickey, wanted to marry her and have her follow the band. After ten years, she’s almost certain they can now be friends.


It is obvious there is a previous story this book comes from. However, unlike many books, readers will not be kept in the dark or have to guess. All the holes are brilliantly filled it, blended perfectly into dialogue and thoughts—never out of place or dumped. Amelia seems to have the unfortunate luck of bad things happening to her whether she invites them or not. She’s not helpless, she is strong and self assured—simply a magnet for trouble. As she comes to terms with her lost love while holding to a new one, she solves a murder she literally trips over, and the action never ends. The most delightful part is the whodunit twist readers will not see coming. Blended with humor and emotion, readers will fall in love with Amelia—a woman bound to get into trouble again and again.


Julie York