Transition, Chronicles of the Uprising, #4

K. A.

POST APOCALYPTIC:  Mira has fought long and hard and now peace is on the horizon. She never pictured herself a leader and yet humans, vampires and otherkin look to her to lead them in this revolution against subjugation and fear. Right before she has the gladiator arena in New Haven City demolished she finds something from her past, something she thought lost to her forever, and while it brings her joy it also reminds her of a time when she was not only young, but naïve. The trip down memory lane stirs up old inadequacies and uncertainty of the future, but when the tide of refugees entering the city reveals a former ally, Mira feels new hope surging.


In this dystopian tale of death, destruction and tyranny, there is an underlying hope for the future that begins with one unlikely girl. Mira is an impulsive, smart-mouthed, 18-year-old farm girl. Her obsession with adventure and excitement gets her into trouble when Theo, the handsome vampire escapee, gives her what she thinks she wants. Mira is annoying because she never stops to think her actions through and she’s whiny. Theo has no depth to his character and comes across as a mere prop for Mira’s adventure launch. The humor and romance have a shoehorn feel, but the action, tension and suspense are well-done. Side characters add depth and the pacing is spot on. Giving Mira a few redeeming features and embellishing Theo’s character would turn this horror-filled future from world weary to first class.


Carol Conley