The Tycoon's Wager


CJ Stratt is a smart-mouthed nighttime radio host, who happens to also dole out relationship advice despite having no relationships to speak of. After advising a caller about her relationship - and bashing the woman's ex on the air - the subject of her rant calls in to defend himself.  Jack Harper decides that the best way to absolve himself is to force CJ to date him.  They are both out to prove their respective points about relationships and the opposite gender. They both have their reasons, and they aren't as opposite as they believe.


Any reader knows that late night radio shows are a haven for the weird, off-beat and hysterical personalities, and CJ is no different. Flaunting her outrageousness to prove a point, she is only well put together on the outside—her insides are a mess. Jack's insides are no less messy, however for vastly different reasons. Both of them being public figures makes for hilarious uses of social media within the storyline, the back and forth between them adding deeper dimensions of their relationship as it progresses. With two such amazing characters to spin from, there are just too many simple paths taken: their pasts are a hair too convenient, when problems arise, the solving of them is just a bit too easy. American readers will trip over some London colloquialisms used often. CJ and Jack are amazingly human, yet larger than life, characters who stumble through connecting with people. Her tongue in cheek and his high handed approach to life are perfect foils, leading readers on a merry chase to the end.


Julie York