Once Upon a True Love's Kiss

Katherine Bone, Collette Cameron, Jillian Chantal, Samantha Grace,
Julie Johnstone, Alanna Lucas, Lauren Smith, Victoria Vane

"Once Upon a True Love's Kiss" is an anthology of full-length novellas set in Regency England. A slight warning to readers: despite the ratings of “kisses” in the beginning, many of these tales are an InD’tale steam rating of 5 for a reason, so if you are looking for a compilation solely made of sweet stories this is not for you. For those who don’t mind some spice along with their daily dose of sweet, this ensemble is more than tempting enough. Always hot, but never crude, the spicy will thrill you, while the sweet will make your heart swoon.


All the tales in this anthology are well researched (a must when writing in any historical setting), with clothing, manners, and descriptions suitable to their times. The good guys are good, with a dash of humanity, and the bad guys are…well, bad. With Lords and Ladies side by side with Misters and Spinsters, anyone with a love of Regency will find plenty to sink her teeth into. Some stories are continuations of characters already known; some set up an exciting beginning to a new series, while others are able to stand all on their own—inviting readers into a momentary glimpse of life.


As with any anthology, some stories surpass others, though readers do not have to worry about an actual stinker in this bunch. The so-called “least” are rock solid 4 Stars. Beloved characters will be cheered on, and new characters will warm hearts and make readers excited to follow new loves.


Julie York