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Girl on Fire

This book has received a CNF rating due to a graphic rape scene that violates our steam guidelines.

Jennifer Shepherd

CNF: This book has received CNF rating for a graphic rape scene which violates our steam content guidelines.

Viola Robbins

Lure: Jesse & Hawk

After a tragic loss, Jesse finds refuge near her best friend on a Chippewa reservation in a small Midwest town. As a photojournalist she craves the natural beauty of all living things around her. She goes off the grid, with no power or amenities, and relies on Rainy, her BFF, for weekly visits to check in and restock.

Facing the Enemy

MI6 operative Elise Taylor needs to heal from her latest on-the-job injuries. Her family’s castle in Scotland is just the place for down time, except while home she must adhere to family traditions which include using her birthright title, Lady Elise Henderson. Harry Benson, also an MI6 operative, has been recently assigned to investigate an arms dealer in Scotland.

Madelyn “Maddy” Tavernash, widowed Duchess of Glenmoor, while at her brother’s wedding, is sitting alone on a bench when Colonel Brynn Morgan finds her. Brynn offers to take her home, and Madelyn willingly goes with him. Brynn harbors a secret and strong affection for Maddy but isn’t able to tell her how he feels.