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SCI-FI:  Jane and Will Benedict find themselves on an adventure born of necessity: neither 15-year-old Jane nor her 12-year-old brother Will is willing to become wards of United Earth Corporation.

Brake Failure

Why is Ruby's name on Sheriff Hank Gephart’s lips as he lies in front of Shady Acres Retirement Home, shot? Ruby, newly married to Edward and looking forward to living in Paris, is sorely disappointed when Edward is transferred to Kansas City. Her thought is that if her husband can win a certain account for the advertising agency he works for, they will end up in Paris.

Killer Me

After surviving her time in the foster care system, 24-year-old Alice Teller works at Home Depot in Vancouver and shares a small apartment with her Great Dane.

Sarika and Rafe have been friends all of their lives. After years of friendship, they become romantically involved, but Rafe wants to keep it secret. Unexpectedly, Rafe walks out of Sarika’s life and has no contact with her for ten months. She has moved on to a new life and next thing she knows, Rafe is back on the scene, insisting she come home to her ailing godmother, Ana Lisa.

Rachel Laine’s identical twin sister Sydney died in childbirth and left behind her son, Drew. From the moment she saw him, Rachel was in love with the little boy and she deigned to adopt and raise him as her own. Their life was non-eventful until Drew turned eight and professional baseball player Andrew Turner showed up, claiming to be his father.