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The Wanderers

PARANORMAL:  For someone who doesn’t know her, Ella’s life might seem ideal-coming from a wealthy family, good friends, good grades, a good relationship with her siblings. And that assumption would’ve been correct if not for two things: the death of Ella’s boyfriend in a car accident and those strange dreams and coincidences which seem to follow her everywhere.

Keller is a vampire with a dark uncontrollable craving. He’s been called to Nashville by his sister and is following rumors of a being with mystical blood. Josie is the sassy and spunky best friend and business partner of Keller’s sister.  She also happens to be a Huntress. She spends her nights hunting all of the nasty evil things that go bump in the night, which includes vampires.

MIDDLE GRADE, PARANORMAL:  As the holder of the treasured map, Harper is a middle-grader who bears the weight of saving a secret world on her shoulders.

War Zone (Giffort Street #4)
Marian D.

It's 1969 and at the height of the Vietnam war.


George Edwards awakens from what seems to be a dream in a beautiful - but very peculiar - place.  When Reginald Hutchins, DEI Level 32, introduces himself and begins his "Exit Interview", he is told that he is actually dead.  It comes as quite a shock to say the least!  Not only is he dead, but he has a fan club!  Unab