The Da Vinci Diamond (Detective Tony Mariani Mysteries #1)


Detective Tony Mariani is back on the job after a leave of absence, pursing the theft of a blue diamond that once belonged to Leonardo Da Vinci. Meanwhile Tamara Yonnua, a Russian assassin, discovers love for the first time and must keep her true occupation hidden from her new beau Simon. When the theft and her next target walk a parallel line she becomes interested in having the diamond for herself. With the cops on the trail and the true thief close by she is tempting fate, and Tony has no idea just how close he is to discovering more than just the identity of the burglar.


"The Da Vinci Diamond" is an intriguing jewelry heist with Russian spies and assassins, that transport the reader to destinations such as Rome, Moscow and New York, just to name a few. Tony is your average detective type character, slightly dry and not completely grabbing one's attention, but contributing to the steady pace. Both Marina and Tamara are the heart and pulse of the story; alluring and captivating,  adding a sultry quality to the mix. The story is written in a very straight-forward manner, lacking the energy to really stir up excitement or drama. A number of scenes are very steamy adding to the characters' sexy appeal; however for those sensitive to lesbian scenes there are a few as well. Still, Jerry Guardino has penned a good start to this new mystery series.


Margaret Faria