Red The Were Hunter (Fairelle Book One)

Rebekah R.

FANTASY:  Redlynn of Volkzene is a were hunter. When wolves kidnap a dozen young girls from her village, she’s beyond ready to hunt down the elusive King of The Wolves, kill him and rescue everyone. Disobeying orders, she goes off to do exactly that, and pretty soon she’s hurt and is saved by the mysterious Adrian.

Adrian is a wolf, and heir to the throne of Wolvenglen. It’s clear to him Redlynn wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if she knew who he was, but he has to find a way to make her believe wolves protect humans – they don’t hurt them.

Ancient prophecies, not-so-ancient history and betrayals - is the future even theirs to decide?

From the first page, this novel promises to be an interesting fairy tale; even more excitingly,  it doesn’t fail to deliver!   Unfortunately for this reviewer, "Red The Were Huntrer" is also a study in "not-quite-ness".  It has a strong love story, but not quite a real one, good characters, but not quite memorable ones, and most of all: a not-quite original story. On one side there’s the strong female character, the intriguing history and setting, on the other we have vampires, werewolves, and an ancient savior prophecy. Awesome writing can make these types of books okay-good, but others it would make incredible. To clarify: no, this is not a bad book; it’s fast-paced, easy to fall into, with a good cast and sufficient heat and love quotients.  Hopefully, it’s not-even-close to the wonders future books by this author will hold.

Mimi Smith