Discovering Daniel

Young Adult

When Ava McCoy remembers having a near-death experience at sea when she was nine years old, she becomes determined to find her rescuer.  As determined as Ava is, her uncle and father are as equally so; wanting to keep old family secrets hidden and to stop her from opening old wounds and re-hatching old feuds. Headstrong and determined, she discovers more than what she had anticipated - her rescuer is not a human!   She now can't imagine her life going back to normal, or being able to forget after discovering Daniel and the truth that was kept hidden from her all these years.

 "Discovering Daniel", with its exotic setting (a small island in the middle of the South Pacific), instantly transports the reader while captivating them with an exciting story rich with fantasy and sweet young love.  Ava and Daniels's relationship hangs in the balance for most of the book but yet is simple in its young romantic appeal. Ava initially lacks strength of character in her love for Daniel leaving the reader a bit unsatisfied;  however, her growth sparks hope and gains her sympathy along the way.  An intricate number of issues arise between the mer-world and humans, creating to a number of twists and with just as many surprises and revelations. For young adult fans who enjoy both romance and fantasy this is a story worth the trip to the ocean for!

Margaret Faria