Highland Deception


Scotland, 1725

After years of exile Kenneth Mackay is summoned by his twin brother Malcolm, the Laird, and is none too happy about it. Kenneth has made a life for himself; true, as a Jacobite and an outlaw, but the freedom suits him. Now, Malcolm is dying without an heir and is offering Kenneth a life within the clan – the life of Malcolm Mackoy. Afraid of the Mackoy land being lost to another clan’s scheming, Malcolm and his friend convince Kenneth to take Malcolm’s place. Not an easy thing to do, definitely, and it is made more difficult by the arrival of the beautiful Isabel Mackoy.

Isabel is trapped in an unhappy marriage with Malcolm Mackoy. But something seems different this time, he seems changed. Of course, the death of his outlaw brother, Kenneth is probably responsible. Maybe…maybe love wouldn’t be such a bad idea this time…

An identity switch is light years away from being easy to pull off, but Ms. Connors does so, marvelously, in this heartwarming romance! The author captures the complexity of the characters and deception perfectly, keeping them real. Kenneth’s struggle of how much of himself can he keep, living in Malcolm’s shoes and Isabel’s awareness of the changes in Malcolm, her wariness and hope make them appealing and solid. Added to the list of delights are wonderful secondary characters and the always welcome hills of Scotland. Bottom line: Meggan Connors has worked wonders with this book, weaving superb characters, an intriguing plot and smile-causing-romance into a story not to be missed!

Mimi Smith