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MAGICAL REALISM:  Chloe Lucesco is running from a past she can’t seem to escape no matter where she goes.

Not Her Baby

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aubrey Dale has had a rough hand dealt to her.  Her mother abandoned her at a young age; her father cares but he works a lot, and as such she is left to look after her younger sister. 

Mixing It Up

CHICK-LIT:  Cecily Sinclair hosts a television cooking show called Serving Romance, and she’s quite content in her stable and predictable environment.  All of this changes when her new boss Devlin Hayes takes over the network and decides a total makeover is just what the company needs; including Cecily's show.

The Mason List
S.D. Hendrickson,
Honey St. Dennis

CONTEMPORARY:  Alex has grown up keeping tally of all the things the Mason family has done for her and her father, so this book is aptly titled “The Mason List”.

Vivian Bedford, the sole caretaker for her handicapped sister, Mae, has a chance encounter with a dying soul - an encounter that will change her fate, her eternity.