Jewel of Solana (Royals of Solana #2)


Alanna Peralta is a princess from  the island of kingdom of Solana. One night, mercenaries hired by a drug cartel invade the island and assassinate her entire family. She flees the island in disguise, wearing the royal necklace, which represents her family’s legacy. Desperate to get to safety, Alanna boards a yacht and meets handsome engineer Gabriel Flynn. He is immediately drawn to Alanna, which has never happened to him before. Together they must try to get Alanna to safety so she can help her people as soon as possible. Despite being in constant danger, neither can deny the intense feelings they have for one another. 

"Jewel of Solana" is a romantic adventure that will sweep readers off their feet and grab their attention from the very first page! Alanna develops into a strong female character. When readers meet her she is completely naive, but with hard work and determination, she becomes a woman who will let nothing stand in her way.  Gabriel Flynn is serious and intense. He has struggled socially all his life, which caused him to distance himself with people. Alanna helps him realize his disability is not something negative or shameful. 

Although the novel was an action-packed adventure, some of the scenes and dialogue felt a little lifeless. The author's penchant for switching between real names and nicknames will be confusing to readers, as it is difficult to remember which one  is which.  That aside, Ms. Sheehey's novel is a steamy adventure that readers will enjoy.

Amanda Hupe