Heart of the Moment (Heart’s Intent Book 3)


Former sorority sister Jessica Sousa goes after everything she sets her sights on, but that doesn’t always make it right.  When her marriage is on the rocks, she makes the wrong choice on how to handle the issue.  At every turn, life seems to throw her a curve ball, and the latest is a  bad biopsy result.  Dr. Preston West thinks Jessica is his despite their rocky history.  He is willing to put everything behind them and start fresh, but Jessica is not so sure.  When it becomes clear not all of her misfortune is coincidence it may be too late to recover.  Can Jessica and Preston survive?

The third installment of the Heart’s Intent series is smoothly written and extremely well polished.  Jessica's character is slowly redeemed  through the course of the story.  Unfortunately, not much is revealed about Preston, other than his physical appeal and his attempts to persuade Jessica (and others), that he is the right man for her.  While much of this story centers on medical staff and facility, this tale has all the elements to lend itself to  Jessica’s happily-ever-after.  However, some readers may find Jessica’s character not lending herself to be the most likeable of protagonists.  In addition, several scenes play out with characters stepping forward from previous instances of the series, which  may leave readers with more questions than answers.  Without a doubt, readers who are sold on this series will seek out the next installment.

Jordyn Teel