Dark Heart

Elizabeth Ellen

In Rome, in the year 235 AD, a series of ritual murders of young boys recall past memories of the wicked emperor Nero. The mystery begins when a kind physician is murdered. He held  a secret scroll that points the way to a cult. His slave, Kyrna from Britannia, is in search of this document after the murder of her mentor. Magistrate Cornelius Drusus, a man who Kyrna learns to trust and admire, helps her search for the cult, which extends to every corner of Roman society. The closer they get, the more people die, and now the cult is after Kyrna and Marcus. Who can they trust? Even Marcus’s own men, who have been with him since childhood, are not completely trustworthy.

A beautifully written, powerful story, "Dark Heart" is a richly woven  tapestry of events. Religion once again rears its ugly head and divides the people of Rome, forcing them to choose sides or die. The dialogue is crisp and author Elizabeth Ellen Carter draws the reader right into the story with her rich descriptions of Roman life. The main protagonist has been hurt by betrayal, but comes together with his love interest to fight the evils of their society. This is a compelling story that will linger in the reader's mind long after they have finished the last page!

L. Kane