Reaching Kylee

Tamara Hart
Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Price Hudson is a teenager dealing with the loss of his mother. While the Hudson family is still grieving, they decide to move to another city. Price discovers that his new next-door neighbors had a daughter named Kylee who vanished a month ago. No one knows what happened and they all assume she is dead. Price didn’t think anything of it until one day he and Kylee see each other — but she is invisible to everyone else! Is she a ghost? Price and Kylee discover that they are bonded together. Price is her guide to help her find her murderer so she can move on, but how can he let her go when he is falling in love with her?

Be prepared to feel so many emotions! This novel dives deep into the concept of death, the afterlife, love and family and the author does a fantastic job of bringing it all together.  The book is split into part one and part two. Part one moves at a slow pace as the characters and storyline are introduced. There are also a few minor unnecessary characters that do not require the focus they are given. However, in part two the murder investigation is in full swing and will leave the reader in shock. The book also tugs on the reader’s heartstrings as it discusses how hard it is to let a loved one go and how difficult it is to move on after a loss. Grab a box of tissues for this beautiful and suspenseful story filled with love, loss and murder.

Amanda Hupe