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Scarred Protector

CNF:  Early on one is taken aback by the threats of sexual assault and rape against the heroine.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Christina Davenport has always dreamed of becoming a magician. So when a chance venture into a magic shop presents her with the opportunity of becoming Reynaldo the Magnificent’s assistant she can hardly turn it down. Driven to no longer be a struggling waitress, she throws herself into their local street performances.

After leaving home four years ago to make a name for herself and to get away from the rumors surrounding the Rayton name, Sally has returned to the family farm to bury her grandfather.

At the North Pole the Elves have made a new community for themselves, making toys for the children, along with Kris and his wife Rebecca.

Her Soldier's Touch

Rachel Madison is used to people leaving her, so she’s learned to rely on herself. When the one man with the power to rock her world comes home for his brother’s funeral, the time for secrets is past.